A Las Vegas resident since 2000, Vinicio has become a highly recognized fixture in the live entertainment community. He has 

been instrumental in the success of numerous multi-million dollar projects, including live touring productions, sporting events, marketing activations, and location based experiences. This has provided Vinicio with a wealth of industrial knowledge in the live events sector, allowing him to demonstrate his versatility, and helping him to develop a creative, innovative vision. Collectively, he applies them to curate unique and unforgettable events that exceed client expectations.











Corporate Events

Experiential Marketing



Bubbles Revolution

Award winning bubble artists Marco Zoppi & Rolanda present Bubbles Revolution, a spellbinding, one-of-a kind live performance experience.

With a flexible performance length of up to 75 minutes, Bubbles Revolution targets families with children. 

Bubbles Revolution is ideal for theaters, performance arts centers, and amusement parks.

Designed for families with children, Bubbles Revolution is a celebration of light and color, featuring a mystifying display of bubble art, close-up magic, and their newest 

creation... Light Painting.

Performance lengths can be customized up to 75 minutes 




Alex Magala's Motivation is an unparalleled performance-based, self-improvement, business, and motivational seminar designed for private and corporate audiences.

Alex will guide the audience 

through the journey of his life, from his beginnings in his home country of  Moldova, to a leap of faith that landed him on the world's most exciting 

stages, with live demonstrations of his jaw-dropping feats.  

 His story is sure to enthrall and inspire viewers to set new standards in goal setting and risk taking for themselves, the driving forces behind his own success.

Performance lengths can be customized to 60 and 90 minute formats. 

Live-in-person and web streaming options available for all group sizes. 

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Cirque du Sewer is a fun-filled, four-legged feature starring 

trained rats, a trained cat, a trained Acro-Human, and an almost housebroken musician. 

Screen Shot 2020-05-18 at 4.33.42 PM.png

"A Rat's Tail" is the story of an adventurous rodent's journey from its hometown of New York City to the Las Vegas Strip.  

Watch as Hanta the Rat eats through a "Big Apple" themed obstacle course all the way to the bright lights of the Las Vegas Strip.

Screen Shot 2020-05-18 at 4.43.15 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-05-18 at 4.34.50 PM.png

Cirque du Sewer is ideal for both indoor and outdoor stages, and is designed for families with children. 

Performance lengths can be customized up to 75 minutes



This high-energy production is sure to get toes tapping and bodies moving, with stunning performances involving an extraordinary range of dance moves. 

A Cool Kat Productions exclusive, Dancing Kats is a hip hop air-dance crew that performs atop oscillating poles.

A guaranteed show stopper, Cool Kat Productions can offer a variety of custom air-dance themes appropriate for any event.

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Cool Kat Productions, LLC

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